Trees and Shrubs

The cemetery reserves the right to do any and all planting of trees and shrubs in the cemetery.
The cemetery will remove without notice anything planted in violation of this rule.
The trimming or removing of any branch or blossom from any tree or shrub in the cemetery shall be entirely under the supervision of the supervisor.
Flower beds or urns set on graves will be removed without notice.


Cut Flowers

Cut flowers in plastic or metal cone containers will be allowed at any time when suitably placed.


Notice: The promiscuous planting of flowers, perennials and shrubs over the lot is extremely objectionable both in appearance and from the standpoint of proper lot maintenance and will not be allowed.

Grave Decorations

Two 10” or 12” diameter potted flowers per lot, from May 1 until October 1.
Fresh floral bouquets in plastic or metal cones permitted year round.
Artificial flowers and wreaths are permitted from November 1 until April 1.
Grave blankets permitted from December 1 until March 1.
No planting of flower pots in ground.
No shepherd hooks, hanging baskets, statues, vigil lights, glass containers or Christmas trees allowed.
Colored stones around markers are not allowed.
Flags are permitted provided they conform to the overall height restrictions not to exceed 30 inches. Flags will be removed when and if they become tattered, faded or unsightly.
Placement of decorations is done at your own risk. St. John Catholic Cemetery is not responsible for lost, stolen, discarded or disturbed items. If a decoration is not permitted, deemed inappropriate or has deteriorated, it will be removed and discarded without notice.