St. John Catholic Cemetery has adopted the following rules and regulations which in its opinion will best afford the maximum protection to the lot owners and will best ensure the orderly growth and development of the cemetery as designed.

Grave Decoration Rules:

– No planting of trees, shrubs or flowers.
– No planting of flower pots in ground.
– Two 10” or 12” diameter potted flowers per lot, from May 1 until October 1.
– Fresh floral bouquets in plastic or metal cones permitted year round.
– Artificial flowers and wreaths are permitted from November 1 until April 1.
– No urns, statues, vigil lights, glass containers or Christmas trees allowed.
– Colored stones around markers not allowed.
– Flags are permitted provided they conform to the overall height restriction of 30” and will be removed when they become unsightly.
– If a decoration is not permitted, deemed inappropriate or has deteriorated, it will be removed and discarded without notice.
– Placement of decorations is done at your own risk. St. John Catholic Cemetery is not responsible for lost, stolen, discarded or disturbed items.