Funerals and Internment

All funerals and interments within the cemetery are under the direction of the supervisor or the family service representative.  Notice of funerals, with the exact location of grave, must be given to the supervisor at least eight regular working hours in advance of burial.  A Burial Transit Permit from the Michigan Department of Community Health is required before interment can be made.  The supervisor is instructed to make no burial until such permit has been delivered to him or the family service representative.  The cemetery will not assume responsibility for errors in opening graves when orders are given by telephone.  Orders by undertakers for the opening of graves will be construed as orders from the lot owner.  As soon as flowers or emblems used at funerals become unsightly, they will be removed, and no responsibility for their return to owner will be assumed.  The possession of firearms within the cemetery grounds is forbidden, except that of military or other organizations approved by the supervisor.  Strangers are not allowed to approach the grave at a funeral.  When deemed necessary by the supervisor or on request of a lot owner or his representative, a funeral zone may be established and properly marked, and no one except persons attending the funeral will be permitted to trespass within its boundaries.

Full interment burials are made Monday through Friday during regular office hours.  Requests for Saturday burials must be approved by the cemetery supervisor and are subject to overtime charges.  Cremation interments are made Monday through Friday during normal office hours.  Requests for Saturday cremation burials must be approved by the cemetery supervisor and are subject to overtime charges. No interments will be made on Sundays or Holidays.  All graves will be opened and closed by cemetery employees.  Burial vaults over four feet in length will be classed as adult size.

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Removals or Disinterment

The cemetery holds that a burial space once used becomes sacred ground and as guardians of the dead the cemetery must refuse to open a grave or disinter a body except upon written order of the husband, wife, father, mother or son and daughter and then only for good cause.  The cemetery reserves the right to refuse any such request except when ordered by a duly authorized public official.  All disinterment fees must be paid in full in advance and only then will the cemetery schedule the date and time of the removal.  If the presence of a licensed funeral director is necessary during the disinterment, the family is responsible for making arrangements and for all fees and permits associated with the funeral director.