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The entire staff of St. John Catholic Cemetery is ready to help whenever needed.
We will gladly answer all questions.

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  1. Adult Full Interment – opening & closing the grave, vault placement & sealing – $1475.00
  2. Mausoleum Interment – not including overtime & materials – $1475.00
  3. Child Full Interment – opening & closing the grave, vault placement & sealing – $  775.00
  4. Infant Full Interment with Babyland lot & infant vault included – No Charge
  5. Miscarriage Interment with Babyland lot – No Charge


The interment charge involves the scheduling and preparation of the interment site for use.  It also includes such items as opening and closing the burial site, Monday – Friday from 9am – 3pm; the sodding & restoring of the grave and adjacent lots; staff supervision; a graveside service,  Monday – Friday from 9am – 3pm; the use of necessary equipment and accessories; and the establishment and maintenance of permanent burial records.  No full interment burials on Sundays or holidays.

Additional Full Interment Charges

  1. Winter Surcharge-subject to weather & ground conditions – add $250.00
  2. Chapel Service -use of chapel for a viewing and/or a service up to 1 hour in length – add $350.00
  3. Saturday Chapel Service with burial Monday AM – add $350.00
  4. Saturday Chapel Service before a Saturday burial – add $350.00
  5. Saturday Burial with graveside service included (additional charge for chapel service) – add $ 795.00
  6. Weekday Overtime
    1. Procession arrives 3:30pm-4pm – add $235.00
    2. Procession arrives 4pm-5pm – add $625.00

CASKET VAULTS -Add sales tax

  1. Adult Vault –sealable & steel reinforced, inside measures 30”x86” – $625.00
  2. Adult Lined Vault –sealable & steel reinforced – $1080.00
  3. Oversized Adult Vault –sealable & steel reinforced, inside measures 36”x86” – $1045.00
  4. Jr. Vault -inside measures 20” x 49” – $490.00
  5. Baby Vault –cement, inside measures 16” x 31” – $410.00

PRE-NEEDS – Prepaying future burial goods and services

Interments, vaults and death dates can be pre-paid by making an appointment at the cemetery office.  We will help you set up a pre-need contract that guarantees the goods and services you purchase for future use.  The price you pay now is locked-in and when you pass away, there are no additional increases in the price of the goods and services you purchased for your family to pay.  Your money is put into an escrow account.  If at any time you wish to cancel the contract, the amount of money that is in your account at the time of cancellation is refunded to you.  Please contact the cemetery office for further information or to set up an appointment


Second Right of Burial is charged when burying cremains in the same grave with a full interment burial.  Cremation burials are scheduled Monday -Friday from 9:00am –3pm.  Saturday cremation burials, upon the availability of the Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor, are subject to an additional $350.00 Saturday Cremation Burial Charge

  1. Cremation Interment With Witness-with family present and/or graveside service – $745.00
  2. Cremation Interment Without Witness-(AOC) –  $495.00
  3. Double Adult Cremation Witnessed–with family present two cremains buried together – $1020.00
  4. Double Adult Cremation Without Witness-(AOC) – $755.00
  5. Infant Cremation Interment-with family witness and/or graveside service – No Charge
  6. Chapel Service –up to one hour in length includes visitation and service – add $350.00

CREMATION URNS –Add sales tax

  1. The Simplicity Urn – Black Plastic – $25.00
  2. The Lord’s Prayer – Single Urn – $ 205.00
  3. The Lord’s Prayer – Companion Urn – $275.00
  4. The Oakmont Urn – Solid Oak – $205.00
  5. Mother of Pearl – Brass with Mother of Pearl Details – $218.00
  6. Camouflage Urn – Aluminum with Camouflage Finish – $238.00
  7. Eco Sphere Earth Urn – Biodegradable urn made of clay, fiber, sand & plant extracts – $88.00

URN VAULTS – Add sales tax

  1. Large Urn Vault – Marbelon, inside measures 9” x 12” x 12” – $305.00
  2. Small Gold Urn Vault – HHH Fiberglass, inside measures 8” x 12” x 7” – $120.00
  3. Small White Urn Vault – The Ultimate, inside measures 12.7” x 9.6” x 8.5” – $120.00

The container in which cremated remains are placed in at the crematory is suitable for burial. The purchase of an urn vault is not required.

COLUMBARIUM – Above ground cremation burial

St. John Catholic Cemetery is not responsible for any damage incurred on the columbarium due to vandalism or any act of nature.

  1. Single Niche -for one cremation burial – $1650.00
  2. Double Niche -for two cremation burials – $1995.00
  3. Columbarium Interment –with or without family witness and/or a graveside service – $425.00
  4. Individual Columbarium Bronze Niche Plate for a single niche (add sales tax) – $ 525.00
  5. Companion Columbarium Niche Plate for a double niche (add sales tax) – $ 525.00
  6. Death Year Scroll for niche plates – $ 100.00

*Niche charge does not include inurnment fee. Inurnment charged at time of burial, or it can be prepaid, for opening & closing the drawer and filing burial records.
*Urn size for a single drawer can be no larger than 10” x 10” x 10”
*Urn size for a double drawer can be no larger than 8” x 6” x 4”


1. Individual Niche Plate for a single drawer – $375.00
2. Companion Niche Plate for a double drawer – $425.00
3. Death Year Scrolls for niche plates – $50.00


  1. Single 40”x 20” Cremation Space – $400.00
  2. Cremation Interment Witnessed–with family present and/or graveside service – $745.00
  3. Cremation Interment Without Witness–(AOC) – $495.00
  4. 16” x 8” x 4” Flush Marker (add sales tax & foundation) starts at $669.00


The purchase of a cemetery lot constitutes the purchase of burial rights, easement or license for the interment of human remains SUBJECT TO RULES AND REGULATIONS OF THE CEMETERY.  The purchase of burial rights also includes funding for future care and maintenance of cemetery grounds and buildings.

1. Single Graves – $1120.00
2. Two, Three, Four & Six Grave Lots – priced per grave start at $1025.00
3. Monument Lots – minimum purchase of three graves to have a monument start at $1281.25
4. Infant Lots – IN BABYLAND ONLY & next space only – FREE
5. Second Rite of Burial – the rite to bury cremains in the same grave with a full interment – $550.00


Foundations are required for ALL headstones, markers and monuments, and will be installed by the Cemetery.  Foundation orders received after May 10th may not be installed until after Memorial Day.  Foundation orders received Dec. 1st – Apr. 1st will be installed as weather & ground conditions permit

1. Up-Right Granite Headstones – slants or bevels $235.00
2. Flush Granite Markers – $210.00
3. Flush Bronze Markers cast in cement – $285.00
4. Baby Markers – $160.00
5. Monuments priced by size, please call for price – start at $490.00
6. 24×12” VA Bronze Cast in cement & set – $285.00
7. 24×12” VA Bronze Mounted on a granite border & set – $525.00
8. 5×8” VA Bronze Cast in cement & set – $160.00
9. 5×8” VA Bronze Mounted on a granite border & set – $305.00


  1. Death Dates start at $170.00
  2. Transfer of Lot administrative work on deed/records – $75.00
  3. Chapel Service ONLY without burial, Mon-Fri, during regular business hours – $775.00
  4. Adult Disinterment & Re-interment – $2500.00
  5. Adult Disinterment – $1675.00
  6. Cremation Disinterment & Re-interment – $1200.00
  7. Cremation Disinterment – $745.00
  8. Infant Disinterment & Re-interment – $1095.00
  9. Infant Disinterment – $810.00
  10. Filing Fee for recording burials made in cremation memorials – $75.00

*Death dates are cut three times a year, from May – September. Dates that are paid for in October, or later, will be cut in May of the following year.
**All disinterment fees must be paid in full in advance and only then will the cemetery schedule the date and time of the removal.  If the presence of a licensed funeral director is necessary during the disinterment, the family is responsible for making arrangements and for all fees associated with the funeral director.


  1. Memorials and vases may be ordered any time during the year.
  2. The foundation charge must be paid in full and be accompanied by a foundation order from the seller of the memorial before the marker and/or vase can be installed.
  3. Foundations must be installed before memorials can be placed on the lot.
  4. Monument companies must notify the cemetery office before setting memorials in the cemetery.
  5. Above-ground memorials are placed on a lot by the monument company.  Flush markers and vases are installed by the cemetery after they are delivered by the monument company.


MEMORIALS – Add sales tax, plus the foundation charge

All up-right memorials on a lot must match in size, shape & color.
The cemetery offers a wide variety of memorials for purchase through the cemetery office. To avoid
any misunderstanding, please inquire at the cemetery’s office for any type, size & color restrictions on
memorials for your lot before you purchase.

1. Slant headstone 20x10x16” start at $1069.00
2. Bevel headstone 20x10x6” start at $789.00
3. Grass marker 20x10x4” start at $749.00
4. Infant markers start at $679.00
Many other sizes available, call for pricing

1. Base 48x12x6” start at $2519.00
2. Base 66x14x8” start at $4419.00
Many other sizes available, call for pricing.

1. Infant Bronze start at $874.00
2. Adult Bronze start at $1627.00
3. Adult Bronze w/vase start at $1889.00
4. Matching VA 24×12” – $1330.00
5. Matching VA 5×8” – $565.00
Many other sizes available, call for pricing.

1. Infant for an infant flush bronze marker start at $150.00
2. Adult for an adult flush bronze marker start at $250.00

1. Refinish 24×12” bronze marker – remove, refinish, and set back on lot start at $550.00


Permanent vases installed by cemetery, add sales tax.

  1. Rockedge Bronze Vase with granite border – $765.00
  2. The Gem, Crest, Cameo, Tiara, Medallion, Oak Leaf Vase – $410.00
  3. The Crown, Classic, Supreme, Regal, Regal-Cross, Paragon Vase – $450.00
  4. Vase installation – $75.00

Many other styles and colors available, call for pricing.


1. Memorial Flowering Tree – includes purchasing, installation & care – $250.00
Placement will be determined by the Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor.
2. Memorial Tree Bronze Plaque 5 ½” x 8 ½” – add sales tax – $318.00

Special maintenance service of any type is charged time & materials as determined by the Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor, Brian Mick.