At Need Burials

St. John Catholic Cemetery offers space for traditional burials and cremated remains, you can choose how you’d like to honor your loved one who has passed.  We make it easy and affordable to assure that your, and their wishes are fulfilled.  For more information, please access our 2021Price Schedule for the various goods and services available at St. John Catholic Cemetery.

Once you have chosen your funeral home and spoken with a funeral director, contact our office to set up an appointment to visit with one of our Family Service Representatives.  They will guide you through choosing a grave space, burial and memorial products for your deceased loved one.

Payment for at-need goods and services are due, paid in full, by the time of your loved one’s burial.

Full interment

Full interment burials are made year round and can be scheduled between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  Services at the cemetery can be held graveside or in one of our two cemetery chapels located on either side of the cemetery’s office.


Like most cemeteries, St John Catholic Cemetery requires the use of a burial vault for all full interments.  We offer and stock the standard concrete burial vault on site and can order custom and lined vaults when desired.  The use of a burial vault not only preserves your loved one, but also prevents the sinking of the surrounding soil in order to maintain the aesthetics of our cemetery.


Here at St. John Catholic Cemetery we have several cremation burial options available.  The first being a traditional burial of cremains in a standard grave space.  A traditional grave space can accommodate two cremation burials or one full interment and a burial of cremains (with a second rite of burial fee).

We also offer niche spaces that can accommodate up to two cremation inurnments in our beautiful above ground columbarium.

The final option is burial in our cremation garden which offers a more affordable single grave space for cremation specific burial.

Cremation burials are made year round, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.  We require 48 hours notice before scheduling a cremation interment.

Cremation Products

St. John Catholic Cemetery carries no requirements on cremation containers or urn vaults.  However, if desired, we carry many different urn, urn vaults and keepsake items available for purchase at the cemetery office.  If interested, please contact the cemetery office for a list of available cremation specific products.

Infant Interments (Including Miscarriages)

In Traditional Graves:
It is possible for up to two miscarriages, two infants, or two small children to be placed in a traditional grave site.  The number of children allowed to share a grave space will depend on the containers used and placement in the grave.  The ruling of one upright stone per grave pertains to infants and children sharing a grave space.

In Babyland:
A “Babyland” has been established at the cemetery.  This area is for single burial of miscarriages, infants and young children.  Lots in Babyland are given to families free of charge.  Markers in Babyland can be no larger than 16″x10″x16″.

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